I am in need of a hen/chicken coop with (hopefully) nesting box/boxes for 2 hens. Thank you kindly.
My husband is having knee surgery next week and we are in need of some rehab items such as a handicap shower seat and reacher. If anyone has any they are not using we would love to have them. And then we would be happy to pass on to someone else who needs them. Thank you in advance.
I'm looking for children's books in all conditions. Tia.. I can pick up
If you have any pickleball paddles or balls you are no longer using, we'd be happy to pick them up! Thanks!
Would like a diet book titled "Smart Blood Sugar" by Marlene Merritt
Need a small desk fan and large Styrofoam cooler
If you have any freezer-burned meat or discards from hunting including bones and organs and antlers, I'd be more than grateful! Will commute quite far!
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